Zwierzyniecki Bridge

  • Most Zwierzyniecki
  • Most Zwierzyniecki

Zwierzyniecki Bridge was opened for everyday use in autumn 2001. Bridge combined two Cracow’s districts: Dębniki and Zwierzyniec.  Zwierzyniecki Bridge was the first crossing by the Vistula River in Cracow  made after nearly 30 years break.  Construction of the new bridge was necessary due to increasing traffic in the town center. Firstly, it helped to lighten traffic on the  neighbouring Dębnicki Bridge,  roundabouts Grunwaldzki and Mateczny, secondly it helped to relieve town centre from traffic problems because some of the traffic was transfer to Książe Józef, Kapelanka and Monte Casino streets.

Despite the floods in 2001 Zwierzyniecki Bridge was built very quickly – within just twelve months, two months ahead the completion date. Span is 132 metres long, the length of the whole crossing along with flyovers is nearly 212 metres. Each  span consist of 13 concrete segments 23 metres wide and 5 metres long. Works were carried out simultaneously on two banks of the Vistula River, both parts met in the middle of the river.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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