Flyover in Milówka

Constructing the project

We realized the flyover in Milówka with the use of a unique mobile scaffolding method – only two such projects had been realized in Poland before. Mobile scaffolding method is very useful in difficult mountain area of variable heights where there are problems in accessing distant pillars. This method allows us to provide our investor with an attractive price and shorter realization period. We built 44-m span in 8 days (it would take us approx. 2 months using traditional method). The flyover is supported by 27-m pillars and consists of 12 spans with 104-m span length (including three arches). Two other bridges include a two-span overpass of 41 m over the expressway as well as five-span overpass of 260 m located over an active landslide. The latter object was built using incremental launching method, previously used only for bridges over rivers.

The project in figures

Roadway width: 10 - 10,5 m
Shoulder width: 0,75 - 1,75 m
• length: 654 m
• width: 12,9 m
• 11 pillars (without abutments)
• 3 arches of 103,8 m length
• 9 beam spans of span length 32-41 m

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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