Rebuilding of state road No. 47 between Chabówka and Rdzawka

  • State road No. 47
  • State road No. 47
  • State road No. 47
  • State road No. 47

The popular road to Zakopane is a nearly 95 km long state road No. 47 between Kraków and Zakopane. Since the road was built it has been never modernized. A narrow roadway, wheel tracks, steep and winding uphill road and lack of appropriate signage have been the cause of numerous accidents. In 2000, total length of two roadways of the road was only 29 km (between Kraków and Myślenice and Nowy Targ beltway). Gradual modernization was aimed at increasing the road safety and capacity. The Investor hired Skanska to renovate one of the oldest sections of the road between Chabówka and Rdzawka.


During the project, we tried to minimize the negative impact on the natural environment. We have built concrete tanks adjacent to the 9-span bridge to catch any hazardous materials produced in car accidents. We have also executed rainwater drainage system with separators and sedimentation tanks to remove oil products from rainwater.
We have also built culverts allowing free migration of reptiles and amphibians. We have erected 600 m long acoustic screens near residential buildings to reduce the noise level.

Benefits for the community

The second roadway and local distributor roads helped increase the road safety. The new road allows fast and safe driving.


1st place in the competition of Polish Association of Construction Engineers "Road-bridge project of the year 2002".

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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