Rebuilding of state road No. 47 between Chabówka and Rdzawka

Constructing the project

The investment executed by Skanska involved modernization of nearly 3.5 km section of the road and 9-span bridge. To increase the road capacity, a new roadway was built with a 5 m median strip with springy barriers. Exit roads and local distributor roads have been built along the entire 3.5 km section. The working conditions were hard due to rocky terrain and changing weather. A great challenge was to minimize traffic disturbances. We have rerouted the traffic to and from the renovated road several times, in order to maintain smooth traffic flow.

The project in figures

  • roadway width – 7m
  • shoulder width – 1.25 m
  • 9-span bridge length – 273.4 m
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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