Connection of national Road – The Sucharski Route

  • Sucharski route
  • Sucharski Route
  • Sucharski Route

Realization of task II within construction of the Sucharski Route in Gdańsku covered section 2,7 km long from Wosia Budzysza junction to Ku Ujściu junction. Investment value exceeds PLN 184 m gross.  The investor is Public Utility Investments company (Gdańskie Inwestycje Komunalne).


The total length of the Sucharski route amounts to c.a. 8,3km. The route will connect the South Bypass of Gdańsk with the Słowacki route. Realization of this investment was divided into three tasks: section from the South Bypass to Elbląska junction (task I – 2,9 km), from Wosia Budzysza junction to Ku Ujściu junction (task II – 2,7 km) and from Ku Ujściu junction to Westerplatte Ferry Terminal (task III – 2,7 km). The Sucharski route will facilitate access to Port Gdański, improve functioning of the road system in Gdańsk and improve road traffic safety.


The scope of our works within task II covers construction of two new roads separated with screening green strip, each with two road lanes 3,5 m wide each, a roundabout and four bridge facilities: three over railway track and one over tramway track. Within the investment we are also realizing complex infrastructure including acoustic screen panels, retaining walls and media.


Due to unfavorable soil and ground water conditions, i.e. occurrence of compressible organic soils in the sub-grade: peat and aggregated mud of considerable thickness and high level of ground water  it was necessary to strengthen the poor sub-grade in order to prevent embankments from excessive sedimentation and to secure their stability.


Basic technologies used to strengthen the sub-base:

•             surface soil replacement (up to the depth c.a. 3,5 m) amounting to c.a. 120 000 m³.

•             cement grouting piles formed by means of high-pressure grouting, realized on deep-situated poor layers, on the area of c.a. 92,800 m².

•             concrete displacement piles on the area of c.a. 9,800 m².

•             geo-textile and crushed stone aggregate mattresses placed on the area of c.a. 150 000 m².


Works related to strengthening of poor soil sub-base were a great challenge for us due to their large scope, necessity of realization of additional supplementary tests as well as development and presentation of our own solutions, optimized on account of costs and time of realization.  


The scope of investment also involves realization of four bridge facilities including a flyover of more than 500 m in length.

The project is co-financed from the European Cohesion Fund within Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program. Construction works shall be completed in November 2012 r.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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