Construction of the W-Z Route in Gdansk

Additional information

The main task of W-Z Route was to create quick and secure connection between East and West: connection of National Road S7 and A1 Motorway with the centre of Gdansk ( so called “warszawski” entry). Construction of the route on the National Road no 7 ( Zukowo-Gdansk-warszawa-Krakow-Chyzne- border of Poland) brings a good connection between the city and Ringroad of Tricity and eastern industrial areas.  W-Z Route makes a better connection between Gdans Airport and the center of city.


Project in figures:

  • Excavation – 200 000qubic meters
  • Embankments – 160 000 qubic meters
  • soil exchange – 33 000 qubic meters
  • stormwater drainage- 13 130 meters of canals, 1 118 items of wells.
  • Background surface under the structural layers: 130 000square meters
  • Surface layers of stabilized soil: 120 000square meters
  • Green areas: 140 000 square meters
  • Road markings: 8 700 square meters of lines and signs
  • 3 new intersections
  • Road lighting: 440 items of street lamps
  • Acoustic screen panels: 5 590meters
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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