Ecological Education in Zielona Góra – Palm House

Additional information

After reconstruction, walls of the Palm House are 21 m high and are extended into a hip roof with a large skylight of a characteristic triangular shape. In the course of realization of glazing works at the dome we took care of tropical plants growing inside the Palm House. Inside the facility there are c.a. 140 species of plants, the most precious of which is Canary date. Parts of the roof under reconstruction were covered with steel sheet and double layer of foil and the inside of the Palm House was heated with the use of blowers. During reconstruction works tropical plants were under the care of a specialist company. Under glass dome, on various altitudes there are mezzanines, access piers and roof walks with scenic views – the highest is located at the height of 14 m. Ground floor of the Palm House features a restaurant for 250 people, whereas in the mezzanine there is a café for 50 people. In the corner there is an aquarium for freshwater fish. In front of the main entrance there is a small yard with a fountain made of black graphite in the form of a floating sphere with engraved map of the world. The fountain is supplied by water from a creek flowing out of the main hall where the aquarium and an illuminated waterfall are situated.

Project in figures

  • cubic capacity: 23,500 square m.
  • usable area: 3,300 square m.
  • total length of the facility: 62,58 m.
  • total height: 20,48 m.
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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