Indoor sports and entertainment arena in Koszalin

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The most spectacular element of the structure is the roof with the area of 4200 square meters.  It was designed by Koszalin University of Technology Professor Jan Filipkowski, who was also the author of design for canopy roof above the amphitheatre in Koszalin. The most characteristic features of the arch transparent roof structure are steel girders made of separate tubular section elements with the span of more than 60 meters. A single girder is composed of 3 elements, each of these elements is of 20 meters in length, 3,5 meter in height and 2 m in width and weighs c.a. 18 tons. Ciężar całej konstrukcji dachu to ok. 200 ton. The elements, due to their size, were transported to the site at night by means of outsize motor trucks. Roof girders were assembled in an untypical but at the same time spectacular way. The assembly required vehicular crane with lifting capacity of 650 tons, with the length of 21 meters and width of 3 meters. The crane was mounted with the use of another crane on a yard with the area of 80 x14 square meters. Crane supports were placed on special concrete pad footings. Component parts of the crane together with ballasts and a 60 – meter grid of the jib arrived at the site on 7 heavy goods vehicles.

  • cubic capacity: 100 000 cubic meters
  • total area:10 000 square meters
  • height: 17 m
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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