Connection of the ring road of Wroclaw with the Wroclaw’s air port

Skanska modernized Stzregomska street with lenght of 1,3 km ( section from Nowodworska to Graniczna street). This is one of the most important investment realized in Wroclaw. Wroclaw airport will gain direct access to the ring road of Wroclaw near the Gadowianka flyover. Road was widened to two lanes in each directions, we also rebuilt the railway crossing. Skanska butli two single-span Bridges over the Śleza River. Along the whole section we made pavements (lenght of 6,8 km) and two-way bicykle path ( lenght of 3,4 km). The contract also included the reconstruction of the railway crossing and area for the tram track, re construction of old infrastructure and construction of the new one: water supply, gas, heating, sewage, electricity and telecommunication system). All works were carried out under the active traffic.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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