Recovery of waste water treatment plant infrastructure after flood in Tarnobrzeg

  • Aeration chamber
  • Biogas tank and preliminary digestion tank
  • Sludge storage yard

In May and June 2010 waste water treatment plant as well as sanitary sewerage system within five housing estates in Tarnobrzeg were flooded by a wave which was even 2 meters high in places. The flood destroyed buildings at the waste water treatment plant as well as the facilities of mechanical and biological waste water treatment process and caused serious contamination of sewerage system pipelines. In spring 2010, when flooding wave reached Tarnobrzeg, it was not even one year after we had completed investment tasks within the same waste water treatment plant. Sewerage system in flooded housing estates of Wielowieś, Sielec, Sobów, Zakrzów and Dzików was handed over for use only in 2008. 

The investment included i.a. modernization of the main pumping station and the biological part of the plant. Within the contract we also modernized grit chamber and temporary sludge storage yard. Moreover, we reconstructed the plant’s laboratory and purchased additional equipment. We also realized the following facilities: storm overflow on the combined sewer, storm rain water pre-treatment facilities and storm rain water pumping station.

For the same investor, within the project named „Water and waste water management program in Tarnobrzeg” in the years 2006 – 2009 we realized sanitary and storm rain water sewerage system, investment tasks within waste water treatment plants and modernization Works on water supply system.

Scope of works:

  • modernization of main pumping station – replacement of pumps
  • modernization of the biological part of waste water treatment plant 
  • modernization of temporary sludge storage yard
  • purchase of water softening plant for boiling purposes 
  • modernization of grit chamber 
  • replacement of pumps in pumping station 
  • reconstruction of laboratory and purchase of additional equipment 
  • completion of works related to automation and monitoring of waste water treatment process 
  • furnishing electrical power switching stations R1 and R2 with air conditioning devices 
  • realization of storm overflow on combined sewer 
  • realization of storm rain water pre-treatment facilities – construction of periodically operating two-chamber horizontal sedimentation tank 
  • realization of storm rain water pumping station
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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