Construction of the bridge in Kamienica Dolna within the national road NO. 73 Wisniowka -Jaslo

  • Bridge in Kamienica Dolna
  • Bridge in Kamienica Dolna
  • Bridge in Kamienica Dolna
  • Bridge in Kamienica Dolna
  • Bridge in Kamienica Dolna

In 2011 Skanska constructed new bridge in Kamienica Dolna within the national Road no 73 Wisniowka –Jaslo. Skanska completed the investment within nine months, one month ahead the schedule

Project included the construction of 41-meters long bridge over the Kaminica River, demolition of the old one, site - reclamation works, river regulation works with the use of wire mesh and stones with total length of 270 meters. Within the investment Skanska reconstructed roadside shrine, set acoustic screen panels, executed road works on accsess roads and executed all type of works on reconstruction gas network, middle and high pressure, water supply , electricity and telecommunications

New bridge was constructed nearby the pre-war object  that construction was affected by flood in 2010. The old damaged bridge was then secured with the steel construction. This solution provided the continuity of traffic, however using traffic diversion became necessary. During the realization period whole traffic was directed the old bridge. After completing new bridge the old one was demolished and whole area reclaimed.

Single-span bridge with the width of 13meters is classified In the highest capacity class A ( 50 tons) according to PN-85/S-10030. Assembly of construction looked very spectacular, for two tandems with the weight of 55 tons each we used Demag AC 500 crane with capacity of 500 tons. By using this type of crane implementation of contract was easier and faster. Single tandem composed of two integrated girders. Tandems were merged on the road embankment right behind the abutment. By using the Demag AC 500 crane both tandems were provide direct to supports previously made. The total weight of installed construction was 119 tons.

Our major challenge was the  implementation of parts of new road connecting the national road, because most of this works were  carried out with an active traffic. It was necessary to monitor temporary road markings and maintain the utmost care entering or leaving the site.

Slops of embankments were strengthened by using coconut matting that protects the surface from erosion caused by wind and precipitation. Mats are fully biodegradable that retains proper humidity and creates condition for grass vegetation. Those kind of matting were used for the construction of the ring road of town called Biecz.

Road embankments with an area of more than 4,5 thousand square meters were strengthened by using biotextil matting with grass seeds. Biotextil is easy to use and very effective method for greening.

Construction of new bridge was synonymous withe the re construction of 400 long part of national road no 73. With the correction of road we eliminated two very dangerous bends that caused lots of fatal accidents.

Investment in Kamienica Dolna eliminated the bottleneck on the national road and two dangerous bends that improved driving comfort and safety.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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