Polish Folk Philharmonic in Zbąszyń

Proper acoustics

The reinforced concrete load-bearing walls and an outer soundproofing covering made from clinker brick and soft insulation were implemented to provide the insulation of the concert hall from the traffic outside. Additionally, the inner hall “box” was made from wooden boards on the rack moved from the wall. The concert hall required such construction to prevent it from the unfavorable reflections of sound waves, which may be received by the audience as echo. It provides the appropriate sound dissipation reducing the reflections of sound waves. A special screen reflecting sound waves towards the auditorium was used to make better use of the sound coming from the stage. There are soundproofing wall panels, suspended ceilings and doors with the increased acoustic insulation in the practice rooms.

These solutions significantly reduce the transfer of sounds to the neighboring rooms.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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