It's time for the energetic five!

With passion, we create a complex of five buildings
teeming with unique energy. The energy for you, your work and your ideas for leisure. This is the future that will revive the heart of Krakow.

High5ive is the complex of five office buildings that provide about 70,000 sqm of modern office space in the very center of Krakow. The office complex is being developed right next to the Main Railway Station, Galeria Krakowska and the historical center of the city.

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Buildings 1 & 2


Net leasable area:

Building 1: 13 500 sqm

Building 2: 9 800 sqm

Delivery date:

Building 1: Q3 2018

Building 2: Q2 2018

Buildings 4 & 5


Net leasable area:

Building 4: 23 500 sqm

Building 5: 11 500 sqm

Delivery date:

Building 4: Q1 2020

Building 5: Q1 2020

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Concierge service


An additional service for our tenants. Do you need help with putting the car into a car wash? Have you forgotten about your aunt’s birthday? Thanks to the presence of concierge in our building, you can solve these and many other problems without leaving the office!

Do you need help taking care of your company’s as well as your private matters? Feel invited to make use of concierge services in High5ive free of charge!

  • Ordering tickets to sports and cultural events
  • Organising laundry, carpet cleaning, shoemaker and tailor services
  • Organising trips, holidays, ticket purchase and airport transfers
  • Ordering flowers and bouquets for special occasions
  • Organising plumber, locksmith and handyman services
  • Taking care of cars, washing and changing tyres
  • Providing information about entertainment and cultural events in a given month
  • Organising shopping and delivery in Cracow
  • Collecting and delivering goods to any place within the city limits

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Energy that inspires


A mural inspired by the work of StanisƂaw Lem was created at High5ive. It is an artwork with an area of nearly 900 m2 located on the north facade of Galeria Krakowska made by Marcin Czaja, the winner of a competition organized for this purpose. The artist is a graduate of the Faculty of Painting at Krakow Academy of Fine Arts.

High5ive is more than just an office building


That is why we care about the surroundings of our investment, so that both tenants and the local community can use it. Behind the building 5 a public basketball court and an auditorium will be created so that you can cheer on your friends.

Building 3


Net leasable area:

Building 3: 10 600 sqm

Number of floors above the ground :


Number of underground floors:


First WELL certification in Krakow


At Skanska, we know that offices are special places, where hundreds of people meet every day. With their health and convenience in mind, we execute our projects according to the guidelines of one of the most demanding certificates, putting people and their comfort at the center of attention. Thanks to 7 aspects such as: water, light, air, comfort, fitness, nutrition and mind, WELL certificate solutions turn the workplace into a space full of healthy and happy employees.

Find out more about WELL here

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