Construction of Pilzno bypass in route of national road No. 4

Constructing the project

The project included construction of the bypass 2,5 km in length, two viaducts, box culvert under road No. 73 and connecting the bypass with Paderewskiego street. Along the bypass we executed bituminous shoulders, 2 m in width.
The interchange with national road No. 73 had been designed as two-level junction ("diamond" type). Thanks to this solution the bypass runs over the national road in form of an overpass, which allows to enter and exit the traffic in a separated way. We also renovated a section of Paderewskiego street together with more than 500 meters of pavement of the national road No. 4 in Pilzno. The investment also involved rebuilding of exits, bus bays, local distribution roads as well as telephone, gas supply, water supply, sewage and power supply installations. We executed land melioration of 1,5 km in length. Construction works also encompassed erection of street lamps, road signs, steel barriers and execution of horizontal road marking.


We have reduced the impact on the environment by installing four separators with sediment tanks. They separate rainwater from petroleum derivatives and other impurities.

Benefits for the community

We installed acoustic screen panels and replaced windows in houses alongside the road to reduce noise level generated by traffic.
Bypass ensures non-collision, fast and safe drive through Pilzno. The traffic has been rerouted outside downtown, which helped to reduce the level of noise and exhaust fumes in the city center.

The project in figures

Bypass length: 2,5 km
Viaduct over bypass in route of district road: 65m
Road viaduct in route of bypass: 60m
Earth works: 204 146m3
Subbase: 165 672 m2
Binding course: 42 149m2
Pavement SMA: 40 741m2
Slope levelling and sowing: 48 714m2

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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