Air Traffic Control Centre at the airport in Lublinek

  • Air Traffic Control Centre at the airport in Lublinek
  • Air Traffic Control Centre at the airport in Lublinek

The building of Air Traffic Control Centre consists of a 2-storey administrative and office building as well as tehcnical part with a 5-storey tower containing technical, social and operational levels.          Lower part of the building resembles two partly touching rectangles with monopitch roofs with a joint wall deviated from the perpendicular at 85,5 degrees. The tall part is a tower with a core consisting of staircase and lift shaft. Expanded metal mesh is fixed to the core fastened on steel substructure. Both the structure and the mesh were designed in such a way as to create an impression of a slanting tower, which was achieved by means of fastening of the mesh on the substructure at an angle of 10 degree towards the main vertical core of the tower. Technical nd social levels, apart from glazing on the north and west sides, are also totally covered with mesh which is a continuation of the sloped wall belonging to the lower part of the building. The operational level - an exception in this architectural concept - is fully glazed due to its specialist function. Expanded metal mesh is protruded beyond the roof line above the operational level in order to partially shield the two-way radio appliances situated on the roof.                                                                                                                                   The body of Air Traffic Control Centre reflects the dynamics of airport operation. It is emphasized by various wall inclination angles. Thanks to this solution the operational facility can be located in the vicinity of runway. Creating appropriate conditions of rest and relax for flight controllers was also an important part of this project. Construction of a glass box protruding from the main body of the tower  enabled increase in social area and creation of comfortable relax conditions.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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