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About project

Dominikański project is located in the very heart of Wrocław, next to one of the most recognizable places in the city, Dominikański Square.Vicinity of the Market Square, the access to the public transportation junction and the shopping mall makes the location very attractive. The building offers modern, green office space of the highest quality, equipped in energy saving solutions. Because of the huge floorplate, the building provides effective and flexible office space fit-out, tailored to the tenant’s needs. The building was designed in accordance with sustainable building philosophy and creates the perfect work environment and huge energy savings. Dominikański project will be certified in LEED system.

Available retail units:
365 sqm, 148 sqm, 142 sqm, 129 sqm, 44 sqm


The energy and dynamic development of Wrocław makes the city a perfect place for business. Being one of the most innovative cities in Poland, it keeps growing and changing every day.

Last updated: 9/12/2017

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