ESG+ offer

Our pioneering offer of ESG solutions for offices

Responsibly shaped by Skanska

ESG+ is a set of office services that are included in Skanska's property offer.

We will give you instructions on how to design and use a healthy workspace so you can create a healthy work environment for your present and future employees.
We will provide you with data so you can report your ESG performance easier and more credibly.
We will give you information and data about your
sustainable office so you can communicate it and build your sustainable brand image.





„When we designed the ESG+ service, we wanted it to actually give our customers the opportunity to make a positive impact.
That it would simply be useful".

Eliza Jamrozik, Leasing Manager


It’s ESG that works!

It works for planet

Save water.

Save energy.
Educate your team to make use of the sustainable office.
Make responsible choices.

It works for people

Make your employees feel better at the healthy office.
Make your office a more attractive workplace option vs home office.

Make teamwork more productive in an office that supports well being and creativity.

Give employees sense of impact.

It works for performance

Build sustainable brand image and communicate your impact clearly.

Add value to your job offers.
Optimize water and energy costs.

Have data to support your ESG reporting.

With ESG+ we’re turning offices into future-focused assets,
that help our clients shape the world responsibly.

Make your office ESG-ready

Leasing & Asset Manager

Eliza Jamrozik (Zuziak)

Leasing & Asset Director

Marek Stasieńko

Dyrektor ds. Wynajmu

Agnieszka Krawczyk-Rogowska

Asset & Leasing Director

Jana Prokopová

Leasing & Asset Director

Amarilla Cseke

Leasing & Asset Manager

Tamara Guleryuz

ESG - we do it usefully